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Get notified when we release new courses or materials

Branches Atelier Institute

Education that Dreams for the Future

An online place for all of your contemporary early childhood education and parenting needs.

Drawing on years of experience, educating young children and teachers across the US and abroad, we are delighted to now be able to offer a wide range of Reggio-inspired, innovative, personal, and professional online educational experiences, classes, and seminars for parents, teachers and children alike.

Finally, we can bring our years of experience into your homes and classrooms.

Explore Our Courses for Parents and Teachers

Since 2007, Branches Atelier has offered an innovative, contemporary, and holistic approach to early childhood education.

We are delighted to share our strategies for fostering children’s social skills and emotional intelligence.

“Branches is on the forefront of early childhood development and is a resource for the most innovative and best practices in the field. Their community outreach programs are an invaluable resource.”

-Beth Sayoun – Teacher at Magic Years Nursery School

Explore the strategies and tools that support perspective-taking, diversity, and collaboration at home and in the classroom.

Learn how to engage the magic of long-term explorations by incorporating art, math, narrative, science, creativity, imagination, collaboration, and problem-solving into the curriculum and experiences, both at school and in the home.

Branches Atelier Institute

“The “mind blown” emoji perfectly captures how I feel every time I attend one of Patricia’s workshops. Quite literally, they make my heart burst with joy and inspiration for the possibilities she presents for classroom and home.”

-Mary Lim, Parent

Our programs use expressive media and materials as “tools of the mind.” When combined with progressive educational theories, we are able to create innovative day-to-day experiences for young children in our classrooms.

We are excited to offer our passion and expertise in early childhood education through our new online and virtual platforms – bringing them directly to you!

“Patricia and the Branches staff have been such an amazing and critical part in my transition into mothering toddlers and school-aged children. From the very beginning, Branches had tools and techniques for how to parent in modern times. They emphasized how to keep family bonds strong, all while still living in LA with busy schedules. They instill this in their programs from the very beginning, but continue to remind and help parents when we can sometimes lose the way during difficult periods of life. The sense of community at Branches also becomes part of your family, which only strengthens and solidifies all of Patricia’s teachings into our household.”

– Ellen Davis, Parent

We offer courses on a wide range of topics from social emotional development to strategies and guidance on how to support children and families as we all traverse these challenging times together.

Meet the Founder of Branches Atelier

Patricia Hunter McGrath

Founder and Executive Director of Branches Atelier Institute and Branches Atelier Preschool

Co-founder of the West Coast Collaborative

Awarded Culver City Visionary Woman of the Year 2020

Awarded Sustainable Green Business Award 2020

Awarded Natures Dreamer Award from The Children’s Nature Institute 2015

Featured and interviewed on Mother Bird LA Podcast

Over 36 years working with parents, teachers, and young children

State of California Mentor Teacher for over 18 years

Developed the educational philosophies and practices of Contemporary Academics and materials as tools of the mind

Contributing author of the books In the Spirit of the Atelier and Insights and Inspirations from Reggio Emilia: Stories of Teachers and Children from North America

Articles published in Innovations Journal (NAREA), Westchester Living Magazine and Culver City Neighbors Magazine

Visited Reggio Emilia 8 times

“Her [Patricia’s] presentation was relevant and inspiring. She provided participants with resources and strategies they could immediately start to implement. Her positive outlook and innovative solutions contribute to her gifts of being a highly effective motivator, leader, and advocate for all.”

– Susan Shepardson, M.S., Orange County Child Care & Development

Planning Council Coordinator

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Discover 4 Keys

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Discover 4 Keys

For Your Children To

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